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Project Atlas is a dungeon exploration puzzle game with a twist. Instead of fighting monsters and looting everything your eye can see, the goal is to patiently figure out how to make your way through the next chamber of the temple ruin.

The main concept for this game is "Every step, a new discovery. "

How to play This is an RPG Maker MV game also with a twist. Instead of playing like a regular classic JRPG game (pre-configured controls), we've challenged ourselves to manipulate the engine in order for the player only plays with the Mouse, and keys "A", "S", "D", and "DELETE". The specific instructions are below. 


  • Use the Mouse to walk and interact with items
  • Press "A" to equip or unequip your pickaxe
  • Press "S" to equip or unequip your tools
  • Press "D" to use a Health Kit


  • Daniel Caldas as Game Designer, Writer, and Developer
  • Camila Alves as Artist

Feedback is highly appreciated. :)

Install instructions

Just unzip, find the correct executable for your system, and play! 


Atlas Linux - v1.1.rar 409 MB
Atlas MAC - v1.1.rar 483 MB
Atlas PC - v1.1.rar 376 MB


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I can't play.  it's in another language other than english.  How do you change that.  Nothing suggests that it was in another language so I'm kinda upset since I really wanted to try this.

I figured out which was the one to start the game and the rest is in english.  Half the time Las wont walk where I tell him or wont walk at all.

Hi Selexa!

Sorry for the late reply. 

I have fixed the language issue and it is everything in English now. Thank you for your feedback and excitement!

Here is how walking was done: 

- First click to look towards the direction;

- Second click to move;

You can also click and hold the left mouse button to keep walking. 

I can't progress in the game because in the cave it keeps saying failed to load fade2 or something like that...

Hello Crescent07!

Sorry for the late reply. I just uploaded a new version of the game. Let me know if the bug is fixed for your experience.

Thank you for the heads up!

ok, I will try again then! thank you :)